Secret $72,780 PER MONTH “Mainz” INCOME STREAM Found

Inside President Obama’s
Tax Returns

Did you know that, according to his most recent tax filings, U.S. President Barack Obama collects an average of more than $72,780 PER MONTH
in personal income… all thanks to one little-known income stream!

And here’s the best part…
Regular Americans are now cashing in on this secret as well…

“I got a check for over a million in less than 2 weeks.”
–M. Sauer, Louisiana.
“It’s the easiest money we’ve ever made.”
–L. Sharpe, North Dakota

“For the first time in my life I’m able to hit it big.”
–E. Velasquez, Florida


Dear Reader,

It’s public knowledge that U.S. President Barack Obama collects nearly $33,000 per month through his presidential salary…

But what most Americans don’t realize is that the President is also tapping into a super-secret income stream – something I call the “Mainz” income stream – which has enabled him to collect an average of more than $72,780 every single month since taking office as “Commander in Chief.”

That’s more than DOUBLE his government pay.

NPR correspondent Frank James calls it, “One of the best financial moves President Obama ever made.”

Reuters reports the President is now worth millions, thanks to this secret.

Just look at the President’s tax returns over the past few years and you’ll see why…

Since he began serving as President, Obama has made many times his government salary – in some years multiplying it by 300% or more – using the “Mainz” income secret.


And Obama is not the only one…

This type of income stream is so potentially lucrative that many of the biggest names in D.C. – those who know the ins and outs of this secret thanks to their connections – are also using it to earn considerable paydays, outside of their regular earnings.

For example, former U.S. President Bill Clinton also uses this super-secret income stream (he’s made more than $84,550 PER MONTH over the past several years).

Former Vice President Al Gore used this secret to generate more than $1,440 per month for more than 20 consecutive YEARS.

This opportunity isn’t limited to just the Democrats either. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Arizona Senator John McCain, and former President George W. Bush are all taking advantage too.

The list goes on…

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards collected more than $8,300 per month thanks to this secret.

So, how come you’ve never heard about this before?

Well, quite simply because the majority of people taking advantage of these income streams aren’t too eager to talk about them with the public.

As Thomas M. Rees, former Democratic Representative from California said of his “Mainz” income stream, “It’s one of my most closely guarded secrets.”

But what’s perhaps most surprising is that just about anyone can use these secret income streams to generate huge amounts of income. In other words, they ARE NOT reserved solely for politicians, public officials, or government employees.

In fact, different versions of these amazing income streams are quietly being used right now by hundreds of everyday Americans just like you and me who want to earn significant amounts of cash.

60-year-old real estate appraiser Maury Sauer from Arkansas says of this secret:

“I got a check for over a million in less than 2 weeks. I just didn’t get used to it. Gosh, it was like damn. Somebody hands you a million dollars, and you have to think about it for a while.”

Lorene Wilkes, 64, a banking consultant from Mansfield, LA, who brings in more than $19,500 per month thanks to this secret, says:

“It’s unreal. It’s just overwhelming… It’s like we’re in a dream. I keep thinking we’re going to wake up.” Lorene and her husband Ron have already paid off their home loan… and plan to retire early.

Jason Redtree, 72, a former county judge and rancher from Texas says:

“It’s better than the state lottery.”

Edward Velasquez, 64, from Florida, says:

“For the first time in my life I’m able to hit it big.”

Derek Rudy, a civil engineer from Ft. Worth, Texas says:

“We call it mailbox money. A lot of people are going to be getting it…”

Hi, my name is Matt Badiali. I’m a financial analyst at Stansberry & Associates… a research firm that is constantly on the lookout for great new ways to make money. I’ve spent the better part of the past seven years digging up the details of these little-known income streams.

I strongly believe that once the “Mainz” income stream gains more attention among American retirees, you’re going to hear a lot more about it.

In fact, The Washington Post recently wrote an article on the subject and reported, “Some people are becoming millionaires overnight.”

The purpose of this report is to show you exactly how to take advantage of this unusual income secret.

Here’s how it all works…

“It’s going to put a bunch of money in
a lot of people’s pockets…”

–David Rice, 67, White County, AR

It’s not hard to see how the “Mainz” income secret could have a profound impact on your retirement…

Just listen to the story of a man named David Rice and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Born and raised in Judsonia, Arkansas, about 30 minutes west of Little Rock, Rice is your average, hard-working American.

He drove a delivery truck for most of his life… well into his 60s. Near the end of his career he was making $11 an hour. But then an illness forced him to give up work and retire on disability.

It wasn’t much to live on.

“I’ve never made big money,” Rice said. “Me and my wife just pinched pennies.”

But that all changed in 2005 when Rice stumbled upon a new way to generate large amounts of income…

In short, Rice uncovered a little-known business secret anyone can take advantage of in more than a dozen industries… everything from music, electronics, art, computers, restaurants, fashion, energy, and publishing, just to name a few.

In short, through a unique investment most people have never even heard about Rice earned the right to collect more than $5,000 per month… a number that will actually increase over time, according to the Arkansas Times.

As Rice says, “It’s going to put a bunch of money in a lot of people’s pockets that didn’t have any money. It’s like a gold rush.”

I’ll tell you exactly what this secret source is in just a moment, and the easiest and most lucrative way I’ve been able to find for you to get in on the action.

You see, over the past few months, I’ve met, corresponded with, and profiled dozens of people who have taken advantage of this situation…

The best part is, ANYONE can do it.

John Zimski, from Tavares, TX who had been working 2 jobs for more than a decade to support his wife and three children says, “You still get up in the morning and you don’t know if it’s true or a dream.”

Jessica Phillips, from Twin Falls, ID, who made more than $58,000 per month said, “I guess I am the luckiest girl in the world.”

Linda Sharpe, from North Dakota, who for decades worked as a sales clerk at a small department store says, “It’s the easiest money we’ve ever made.”

George Hanks, from Abilene, TX, who gets a check in his mailbox every single month says, “It’s a sweet deal. I’d recommend it to anybody. It’s like manna from heaven.”

Heck, I even found a 10-year old girl named Shannon Ricks from Winston, Oklahoma who made more than $100,000 PER YEAR thanks to this business secret.

So how does this secret work? Where does all this money come from? And how can you start collecting today?

Let me show you…

Get Paid Over and Over Again, For Life

In every industry there’s usually a backdoor way to get paid OVER and OVER again for a single idea, property, or patent.

In the drug business, for example, the big money is in patents.

After all the work is done developing a new drug, for example, a scientist can partner up with a larger company to handle the expenses and risks of testing, marketing, and distribution.

Then the patent holder gets paid for every prescription that gets filled. The guy who developed the popular pain medication Lyrica, for instance, shares in more than $2 million per month because he owns the patents. The ladies who owned the patents on the anti-fungal medicine Nystatin shared in more than $50,000 per month.

In the publishing business the big money is in royalties.

Once you do all the work writing a book, you just sit back and collect your share of the profits. President Barack Obama, for example, makes on average more than $72,000 PER MONTH from sales of his best seller, The Audacity of Hope.

In fact, this is why we call it the “Mainz” income stream secret.

You see, the Guttenberg Press, which was invented in Mainz, Germany, is generally considered the invention that first made collecting regular royalties possible, by allowing book publishers and authors to make a fortune after creating a valuable piece of work.

And to this day, the “Mainz” secret remains one of the great low-risk ways to get rich in America.

You make just one investment… or control one valuable asset… and then get paid over and over again, while somebody else takes the risk of marketing, development, and distribution.

Now… don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you should go out and develop a new drug, or write a book, or record a record, or anything like that.

You see, what I’ve found is that there are some incredible (and low risk) ways to use this secret as an investor. In short, you avoid all the normal risks of doing business… and simply collect incredible royalty streams for owning a very valuable asset.

For example…

Did you know that one of North America’s best fast-food chains A&W, allows you to collect tremendous royalties, every single month, simply by becoming an owner of their “trademark”?

You simply become a part owner of the trademarked name (like “McDonald’s” or “Burger King” for example… but in this case you own “A&W”). Then, every time one of these 700 restaurants sells a burger, shake, or fries… you collect royalties.

You make just one investment… and then get paid over and over again.

This opportunity gives you a 3% royalty on all sales at a popular fast-food restaurant that’s been around since 1956. These stores raked in $823 million last year.

All you own is the trademark… yet this incredibly valuable asset allows you to receive a royalty check at the end of every month — 12 total per year.

Since this trademark went public in 2002, investors have received a royalty payment every single month. That’s 132 months in a row… and counting. Royalty payments have increased by more than 200% over this time. The total return has been 292%. (Keep in mind that during the same time the S&P 500 went up about 33%.)

And get this…

There’s another little-known stock market opportunity in the music business that allows you to own the rights to royalties from a catalog of over 25,000 copyrighted songs.

Again, you simply become a part owner of the music (including songs such as The Little Drummer Boy, Stardust, and works by Bing Crosby and Duke Ellington). Then, every time one of these 25,000 songs gets played on the radio, television, or in the movies… you collect royalties.

This unique opportunity has paid consecutive royalty dividends every year since 1965. A $25,000 investment at the time of inception would be worth well over $171,000 today.

And the earliest copyright expiration isn’t until 2024.

And get this… former Beatle’s guitarist Paul McCartney was reportedly once the largest shareholder!

Again, you avoid all the normal risks of doing business… and get paid over and over again, simply for owning an incredibly valuable asset, which will pay you a steady income stream for years to come. That’s the “Mainz” income secret in a nutshell.

But here’s the thing. You can invest in the opportunities I’ve just described… and you’ll probably do OK.

But the way to make a lot of money with this secret is to invest in an industry where profits and demand are practically certain to go up.

And there’s just one industry I can think of that falls into this category.

What is it?

Let me give you a few hints…

This business produces an asset that has retained its purchasing power for all recorded human history.

It’s a universally recognized and timeless store of value. Its natural properties have imbued the element with traits that humans find intrinsically valuable and well suited to use as money: It’s portable, divisible, and doesn’t corrode.

I’m talking, of course, about the gold industry.

How do I know prices and demand will continue to climb?

Well, for starters, I believe that even though gold has had a great run, we are not even close to seeing the end of the gold bull market. The U.S. government has only one way out of the giant mess they’ve put themselves (and us in)… and that’s to print trillions of dollars.

And when the government keeps the printing presses on, inflation is right around the corner. What’s the best hedge against inflation? Gold, of course.

This will cause the price of gold to skyrocket even higher over the next few years (some currency analysts I respect believe gold could hit $5,000 an ounce before it’s all done).

But perhaps the single biggest reason gold will continue to rise is because of demand from China and India – cultures which highly value the inherent properties of the yellowy metal. A massive new market for gold will emerge as these countries’ economies’ climb out of 3rd world status and hundreds of millions of people join the middle class. China, for instance, is already accumulating nearly 30% of the world’s gold production – a number which is forecasted to rise over the next several years.

Bottom line: We are still in the midst of a long-term bull market for gold… the likes of which the industrialized world has never seen.

So how can you use the “Mainz” income stream secret in the gold industry?

Well, I believe that one of the easiest and safest ways to turn a small investment into incredible wealth over the next few years is to own royalty interests in the gold industry.

In other words… your only investment is in the ownership of the valuable asset… the gold mine or field.

This way, you avoid all the risks and expenses of the mining business… and simply collect royalties, year after year.

Incredibly, many of these royalty interests are bundled into vehicles that are listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange… so you can buy and sell them just like a regular stock.

You might be wondering why you would want to own royalty interests on the stock market rather than traditional gold stocks.

There are two compelling reasons.

Reason #1 – Bigger Potential Returns

The first reason you should own royalty interests over traditional gold stocks is that the returns can actually be much, much higher.

Take Newmont Mining, one of the world’s largest gold producers, for example…

Newmont has easily been one of the safest and most profitable gold investments over the past decade.

In 2011, for instance, the company posted record revenue, record cash flow, and even paid more in dividends to shareholders than it has ever paid before.

As a result, shares have gone up about 155% since 2001.

Not bad.

But let’s see what happens when you compare owning a complicated and expensive business like Newmont to owning a lesser-known – and much simpler – gold royalty investment.

One income stream, for example, enables you to collect royalties from more than 31,000 square miles of gold-rich land in Nevada, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Argentina — many of the same areas that Newmont produces gold and silver.

So how does an investment like this compare to one of the biggest and best gold companies?

Well, to be honest, it isn’t even close…

A $100 investment in this little-known royalty stream bundle would be worth… well… about $2,333 today.

You read that right. That’s a 2,333% return on your money.

In other words, owning this little-known royalty bundle was about 15-times more profitable than owning Newmont over the same period!

That’s enough to turn just $100 into more than $2,300… or $5,000 into more than $114,500.

Remarkable, isn’t it?

Instead of collecting a nearly 155% return as some Newmont shareholders did, those who took advantage of gold royalty interests could have collected more than 2,300% returns over the same period.

And that’s only the beginning…

When you look at the long term performance of this royalty stream, the results are even more impressive.

A $100 investment in this royalty stream back in the early 90′s would now be worth more than $220,000, while the same amount invested in Newmont would be worth a few hundred dollars… at best.

That’s more than 3,200-times better than the returns of one of the top mining stocks over the same period… and more than 800-times better than the stock market as a whole!

Of course those returns are great.

But the real question is, how have these royalty streams performed for real world investors? Has anyone actually seen such enormous gains with these royalty streams?

Here are a few people who’ve written in recently on the subject:

Jay M. of Montauk, NY told us: “This has been my most rewarding investment in recent years. I’ve made gains in excess of $300,000.”

Ken H. from Damascus, MD said: “If you don’t do this, you’re missing the boat. I have made approximately $60,000 – $70,000. Easily the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Nick G. from Tulsa, OK told us, “I’m sitting on more than $1.6 MILLON thanks to this secret. This is a long-term investment that I’m not touching.”

Ralph S, of Junction City, Co. said, “I like the idea of sitting back and collecting the revenue streams… I’m up over 335% so far!”

How can this be?

How can an investment you’ve likely never heard about simply squash the returns of one of the world’s biggest and most profitable gold companies?


That brings me to the second reason why you should own royalty interests over ordinary gold stocks…

Investors who take advantage of these royalty streams take on LESS RISK.

Let me show you what I mean…

Reason #2 – Safety

In short, owning royalty interests on the stock market is a lot safer than owning ordinary gold stocks.

You see, big gold companies – companies that explore and produce gold – take on all kinds of risk. They spend tremendous amounts of money identifying a target gold deposit… exploring it… developing it… and building the infrastructure to mine it.

For example, one of the most popular mining trucks today costs a whopping $2.7 MILLION. Each tire costs $30,000… and the annual fuel costs run more than $1 million per truck!

Plus, I haven’t even mentioned the costs of labor… insurance… permits… storage… and the hundreds of other pieces of super-expensive equipment you need to operate a mine.

The point is, the entire process for building a gold mine can take ten years or more and cost hundreds of millions, if not, billions of dollars.
Royalty streams aren’t designed this way.

You see, with royalties you don’t take on any of the risks of exploration, development, or building of the mining infrastructure. You’re simply acquiring a right to the income from some of the biggest and richest producing gold fields. Then, every time one of these operations sells an ounce of gold… you collect a royalty.

Then, when your royalties accumulate to your desired amount, you can cash in your royalty shares for a big lump-sum payout.

Here’s a perfect example…

Most people have no clue that you can collect royalties from one of the largest producing gold mines in the U.S. – the Goldstrike mine in Nevada. This massive gold field, which began production in the mid-1980s, has produced tens of millions of ounces of gold over the past 25 years and is expected to produce millions more.

But here’s the thing. Barrick Gold (ABX) does all the actual work getting the gold out of the ground.


An investment in Barrick in the mid-1980s – when the Goldstrike mine first went online – would have actually been a pretty darn good investment. The stock rose about 3,597% over the next 2 decades.

But get this…

If you simply owned the royalty bundle which includes the Goldstrike royalties – which is also listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange – you would have done better.

A LOT better.

Remember, with gold royalty investments you avoid all the normal risks and expenses of the mining business… and simply collect a percentage of the income from operations, year after year.

So how has the Goldstrike royalty performed compared to the mining company?

Remember, Barrick rose by nearly 3,600%… a pretty remarkable return. But the royalty investment grew by more than 24-times that amount – or 86,400% – over roughly the same period.

Incredible, isn’t it?

That’s an average return of more than 38% PER YEAR (and that’s not including cash dividends).

At these rates of return, you could have essentially doubled your money every two and half years. Imagine how much money you’d have over the next decade if you could double your money every two and a half years. $10,000 would be worth more than $159,000… $20,000 would be worth over $300,000.

Just look at the results over just the past 5 years alone…

An investment in Barrick actually LOST money, while a stake in the Goldstrike royalty investment nearly TRIPLED it.

Why would you want to own ordinary gold stocks when you can simply own royalty interests and get bigger gains… and smaller risks?

The way I see it, you can take your chances with ordinary gold companies and hope they find gold and produce it profitably… or you can simply get paid for owning the royalty interests and potentially make a fortune.

I personally believe these royalty streams are the perfect investment…

Both in terms of risk – and reward…

But don’t just take my word for it:

John T. from Gallup, NM told us, “I made a 392% profit in just 3 years. This is one of, if not, the best investments I’ve made.”

“I’m up 460% so far! This has offset some of the dumb choices I’ve made over the years. I’m looking forward to a few extra bucks in the account at retirement time,” says Lenny H. from Portland, OR.

Henry D. from Coconut Creek, FL told us: I’m making 180% PER YEAR thus far. This investment has easily outpaced both bullion and ETFs!”

“Even for a dumb investor like me, it’s proven to be a big winner,” says Benjamin T., of Westport, CT. “You’re an idiot if you don’t take advantage of this.”

But before I show you how to get started there’s one more thing I need to mention…

You see, so far, the focus of this presentation has been to give you the full details on the little-known royalty streams making huge sums of money in the gold markets.

But what I haven’t told you yet is that there’s another kind of royalty stream that’s also making colossal gains – not in the gold markets – but rather, in the silver markets.

Not Just Gold

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that one of the biggest trends in the world right now is silver. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but silver is actually one of the best performing assets of the past decade. While gold has gone up a very nice 350%, silver has gone up even more, over 544% over the same period. And the great thing is, silver is still way undervalued in comparison to gold.

Of course, you can own a silver mining company – or bullion – to take advantage of this trend… and you’ll probably do OK.

Or you can simply own the royalty rights to the best silver operations and have the potential to see even greater gains.

For example…

One of these silver royalty streams went public not too long ago, in 2005, and has been absolutely crushing the returns of the top silver miners… bullion… even the stock market over that time.

Shares are up more than 900%.

See here:

That’s more than 50-times better than many of the world’s top silver miners – like Hecla Mining, Coeur d’Alene, and Pan American Silver.

In fact, this silver royalty stream has even outperformed the price of  silver (one of the best performing assets of the past decade) by more than  600%… and the stock market (as measured by the S&P 500) by roughly 30-times since going public in 2005.

The potential in silver is absolutely incredible… and I expect a simple investment in this silver royalty investment today could return many times your money over the next few years.

It’s important to note with these royalty streams that you’re not investing for yield. You see, while some do provide a small yield, the real gains come in the form of a big lump sum when you cash out… when your royalty shares accumulate to your desired amount.  

If you’re as excited about these opportunities as I am, let me show you how to take advantage of the situation immediately…

How To Get Started

My name, as I mentioned earlier, is Matt Badiali.

I’ve been a geologist for my entire 19-year career. In that time I’ve worked on drill rigs, taught at three prestigious universities, spent years in the field, and in laboratories. I’ve also presented my scientific research at high-level geologic conferences as well as to companies like Anadarko and ExxonMobil.

However, for the last 5 years, I’ve been researching investments in the precious metals and the energy industry…

What it all boils down to is nineteen years of seeing how the whole industry works, from top to bottom.

So a few years ago, I decided to start putting my expertise to work in the world of finance.


Because I realized that someone with my level of expertise could make a killing in the markets – especially on energy and commodity related investment opportunities.

So I now spend every day analyzing the best investment opportunities in the energy and precious metals fields… and reporting my discoveries in a research advisory called The S&A Resource Report.

For the past 6 months I’ve been looking very closely at one of the gold industry’s best kept investment secrets… the royalty interests I’ve been describing in this report.

If you’re interested in getting the full details, I would like to give you access to, absolutely free, my full Research Report on the subject called Gold & Silver  Royalties: The Real Secret to Generating Huge Returns in America’s Precious Metals Markets.

As I mentioned, this Research Report details everything you need to know to take advantage of my 2 favorite royalty investments in the gold and silver industry right now…

Royalty Stream #1: This royalty stream, since it began in the early 1980s, has helped everyday Americans turn each $1,000 invested into well over $1.1 million by 2002. That’s an average return of 38% PER YEAR (and that’s not including cash dividends). This investment was founded by one of the smartest gold investors in America. He’s the former CEO of one of the world’s largest mining operation. He is also the former head of the World Gold Council. Today, this royalty stream has stakes in nearly 35 producing projects around the globe, with 26 more coming online in the next few years.

The thing to remember here is: Over the last 5 years, this investment has gained more than 27-times the stock market as a whole.

It simply doesn’t get much better than this in the investment world.

Royalty Stream #2: This silver royalty stream went public not too long ago, in 2005, and has been absolutely crushing the returns of the top silver miners… bullion… even the stock market over that time. Shares are up more than 900%. In fact, this silver royalty stream has even outperformed the price silver (one of the best performing assets of the past decade) by more than 600%… and the stock market (as measured by the S&P 500) by roughly 30-times since going public in 2005.

The potential in silver is absolutely incredible… and I expect a simple investment in this silver royalty investment today could return many times your money over the next few years.

Remember: With these royalty streams you’re not investing for yield. While some do provide a small yield, the real gains come in the form of a big lump sum when you cash out… when your royalty shares accumulate to your desired amount.

In my report, Gold & Silver Royalties: The Real Secret to Generating Huge Returns in America’s Precious Metals Markets, I’ll give you the complete details on 2 of these gold and silver royalty stream opportunities.

You’ll learn how to participate, if you choose, by purchasing shares, which are listed right on the stock exchange. It couldn’t be any easier to buy or sell. If you’ve got a brokerage account, you can do it, as long as you know how to find them.

Just to be clear, turning $1,000 into a million dollar gain isn’t something you should expect going forward.

But even so, the returns from America’s gold and silver royalty investments, I believe, will be far greater over the next few years than any other gold investment… or the stock market for that matter. It’s reasonable to expect a gain of 200% – 400% over the next two or three years.

The point is, these 2 royalty streams are all extremely profitable… and could help you live a rich retirement.

Even better, I’d like to give you access to this research free of charge.

It’s actually the first thing you’ll receive when you try a subscription to my monthly investment advisory letter, called The S&A Resource Report.

But, before you decide if my work is right for you, let me show you something else I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time investigating in recent months…

How The Rich Make a Fortune
During a Currency Crisis

A few years ago, I learned about a very clever strategy, which allows you to protect the value of your current savings during a currency crisis like the one we are experiencing today…

And at the same time potentially see gains of 250% or more.

It’s a strategy that enables you to benefit from a unique set of assets that will do spectacularly well as the U.S. government continues printing money.

Now this has nothing to do with gold or silver or any other type of precious metals investment. Also: You don’t have to open up a foreign bank account, or speculate in foreign currencies, or anything like that.

In fact, what I want to introduce you to is something that is extremely safe, and very easy to buy and sell, from any regular broker. That’s why some of the world’s best investors use a strategy that is very similar to what I’m going to show you how to do.

For example, you might have heard of Ken Fisher.

He runs Fisher Investments, a money management firm for about 25,000 wealthy individuals (you typically have to have at least $500,000 to get started).

Well Ken Fisher recently took more than $200 million worth of his firm’s money, and put it to work using a similar strategy to the one I want to show you how to implement.

By putting this strategy to work back in 2004, you could have seen gains of 150% in less than a year.

Of course, there are many other multimillionaire investors and money managers now taking advantage of similar strategies too, including: Chris Davis, Ron Baron, Monish Pabrai, Ken Heebner, and Andreas Halvorsen.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of these guys, but they are some of the richest and most powerful men in the financial sector.

Monish Pabrai, for example, is typically referred to as the “next Warren Buffett.” He manages more than $500 million and after starting his fund in 1999, earned 600%+ gains for his investors (after fees and expenses) in just his first 8 years in the business.

Ron Barron is one of the 300 richest men in America according to Forbes. Chris Davis’ business manages more than $93 billion.

And ALL of these guys are making a critical move with their money to protect and grow it over the next few years. I want to show you how to do the same thing.

Very rarely do you get the chance to make simple yet sophisticated financial moves, along with some of the richest people in the country, but that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do.

We’ll show you how to make nearly the exact same move as these very wealthy guys – which will protect your savings and potentially earn you a small fortune. I realize I’m being a bit vague about it here… but it’s important to keep this strategy to ourselves, until we have established a position.

Keep in mind, starting back in the middle of 2005, this strategy produced gains of over 800%, in just three years.

The good news is, now is the perfect time to do it again.

Everything you need to know is in our new Research Report: How The Rich Make a Fortune During a Currency Crisis.

This report is yours free of charge when you take a trial subscription to my monthly research advisory, The S&A Resource Report.

Is the type of research I do appropriate for you?

Of course, I can’t say for sure.

But to help you decide, here’s what I propose:

Try The S&A Resource Report for the next four (4) months, at no obligation.

Here’s what I mean…

Simply start a trial subscription today, and you’ll have instant access to:

  • Research Report #1 – Gold & Silver Royalties: The Real Secret to Generating Huge Returns in America’s Precious Metals Markets
  • Research Report #2 – How The Rich Make a Fortune During a Currency Crisis

Plus, every month you’ll receive my S&A Resource Report advisory letter, delivered to you on the first Wednesday of each month, first by e-mail, then by regular mail too. You’ll also receive our daily market reports, sent by e-mail, also at no extra charge.

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How much does The S&A Resource Report cost?

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How to buy U.S. Gov’t-created silver for $3

Most people don’t realize this, but the U.S. Gov’t has created a little-known way to own silver for just $3.00.

As you’ll see, this has nothing to do with stocks or options… And it has nothing to do with Silver Eagles, or any other kind of newly minted bullion coin.

Why should this unique silver investment be of interest to you?

Well, if you’ve been watching the news lately, you know the U.S. and European economies are in serious trouble. The stock market is up one day and down the next. Interest rates are at historic lows. But this silver investment could be one of the cheapest ways to protect your money from the decline of the U.S. dollar.

You won’t see any ads for this investment. I doubt any broker or financial advisor will tell you about it. And if you look in the mainstream financial press, you won’t find any mentions there either.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more about this opportunity here, except that this could be one of the easiest and most profitable investments you can make over the next few years.

When you sign up for a trial subscription to the S&A Resource Report, you’ll get access to our report called: How To Buy U.S. Government Created Silver for Under $3.  This report was put together by my good friend and colleague, Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig, someone who probably knows more about this opportunity than anybody else on the planet.  

Again, this report is yours, free of charge, when you sign up for a trial subscription to the S&A Resource Report today.

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How to get started

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  • Research Report #3: How To Buy U.S. Government Created Silver for Under $3
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Matt Badiali,
Editor, S&A Resource Report
March 2013

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